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News that UK government PPE masks do not meet requirements

We saw an article on Thursday that caused us great frustration.  It’s about the fact that the UK government purchased incorrect masks for the NHS resulting in a loss of millions of pounds.

We at CDS Consultants Medical will always take the utmost care to ensure that we understand your exact requirements and will supply appropriate equipment to meet them.  And, certainly with large-scale purchases, we will offer to provide samples so that you can be entirely satisfied you will get what you need.

Always be careful when dealing with suppliers with whom you have not previously done any business.  There are myriad companies out there who are only in it to make as much money as they can and don’t care a whit about the quality of the products they sell.

The link to the article is below.  Let’s hope that this is a lesson learned for the UK government and a warning to others to take care about what they purchase and from whom.

Safety concerns halt use of 50 million NHS masks

Take care and stay safe,

The team at CDS Consultants Medical

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